Denial of Court Observation by Member of the European Parliament Is Unacceptable

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Today, 13 February 2020, Turkish authorities have denied Özlem Demirel, Member of the European Parliament, the right to monitor a court hearing in Ankara.

Sergey Lagodinsky, the Chair of the Turkey delegation of the European Parliament, comments:

„It is unacceptable that my colleague Özlem Demirel has been denied the right to monitor the court hearing. Such observation visits have so far been a common practice in our bilateral cooperation. I consider the order to my second deputy in the EU-Turkey delegation, Ms Demirel, to leave the court building a crude departure from our common practice, a provocation and a covert personal threat. I strongly condemn such treatment of my colleague.

„Such incidents have potential to further strain our bilateral parliamentary relations and ultimately destroy any remaining confidence in the rest of democratic culture in Turkey. The European Parliament and also the German Federal Government must request a comprehensive clarification of the incident.“

Background: Özlem Demirel had travelled to Turkey in her capacity as Member of the European Parliament and as international observer in order to support the families of the victims and to monitor the trial following the bombing of a peace demonstration on 10 October 2015.

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