Crackdown on Opposition in Turkey Makes Positive Agenda Impossible

Following the recent developments in Turkey, please find the following Statement by Sergey Lagodinsky, MEP, Greens Spokesperson on Turkey Politics:

„We are witnessing a major crackdown on the political opposition in Turkey. The prosecution’s move towards a ban of the Democratic People’s Party (HDP) under the pretext of alleged links to militants is a clear attempt to limit political pluralism and parliamentary debate and ultimately is a suppression of democratic votes by a large number of Turkish citizens.

„The so-called action plan for human rights presented by President Erdoğan has not survived even a month. The indictment against HDP is a crude and worrisome proof that this plan will not be followed by action. It is another blow in a long line of violations of democratic principles in Turkey, with opposition-leaders and activists continuously arrested, oppressed and stripped of elected offices.

„We stand in solidarity with all democratic forces of Turkey, most notably the peaceful HDP politicians and their democratic and diverse electorate. I strongly condemn the recent arrests of opponents and attempts by the Turkish authorities to silence political opponents. All political prisoners must be released, sacked mayors reinstated and members of parliament must have a free and secure way of executing their offices. I call upon the Turkish authorities to respect international law, human rights and democratic principles“

Sergey Lagodinsky remains at your disposal for further information, sound bites and interview requests.


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